Be kind and recommend good web pages ;)

It would be cool to find the best photo related pages up from the net!By that I mean those pages that help you improve your photography skills and give a good review about new technology, tips.

I know there is this google thing and many other search engines. But internet is big and getting bigger every second. Many pages are just clones and many good sites are very hard to find.

It would be great if every one of You (who read this post) would recommend only one or two photo related web pages that you have find useful, and a little comment too - why recommended page is good.

Photo credits: Marko Palm.

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March 07, 2008


I really like - it is a community based site where you upload and store your photographs. If you add a photograph to a group you receive comments and suggestions from other flickr members. It's good fun but I have also learnt quite a bit from the critiques i've received. For products, reviews and tips I like

February 22, 2008


Thank You Maigi and Jonnyreb!
I add some my links too that I have found useful: - useful sample photos made with different cameras and lenses - many useful tips and recommendations

February 21, 2008


If you use canon this is my favorite site for un-biased information on canon products (as well as some third party equipment).

And all of those posted by maigi I would have posted too but I was beat to it ;). Gabe

February 21, 2008

Maigi - a great place to watch and learn :) - my news room - can't live without reviews - place I visit every day ;)

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