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I guess it happens to most of us, as we work and have our own families we lose touch with others in the family. Life is hectic, we're pulled in a million different directions all at once! We wonder if we'll ever have the time to take a breath and get our second wind. Yes, we try to keep in touch and do get together at holidays, weddings and funerals. But, that's not really reconnecting and learning who someone has become.

About a year ago my cousin got in touch and said he'd like to do something with me. He had retired and bought a kayak and wondered if I'd be interested in going to some of the lakes in my area.

Of course I would!

He was a forester and knows a lot about our national forests so I knew I'd enjoy our outings on many levels. It's been great fun and our recent outing was on Lake Tugalo not far from where I live. It's an uninhabited 600 acre lake formed by the Tallulah and Chattoga Rivers. Owned and operated by Georgia Power it's used for hydroelectric power as are most of the lakes in this chain. As the terminus of the Chattoga River many "river rats'' find themselves here at the end of their kayaking or rafting trips.

These previous photos were taken on Lake Burton where I live. The first gold discovered in this area was found on a creek in the Burton community. In 1917 this land was purchased by the GA Railway and Power Co. to be a reservoir for the production of electricity. The town of Burton was flooded and by 1920 the dam was in use.

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I'm planning many more outings with my cousin, I have a long list! If my camera doesn't get dropped overboard maybe I'll build up a pretty good collection of landscapes and lakescapes for my portfolio.

Thanks for looking and now I have to go back to Photoshop to see if I can salvage some more shots. It's tricky getting photos while in a kayak!

Photo credits: Susan Leggett.

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;) yes, I found them. I haven't ever seen such ones. We have such vehicles with blades usually... it helps you to move faster on the ice...
Can you drive with Aqua Cycle actually ON the deep water? Or are they just for beach? And Mac, you are missing some vital keywords. Like "bike". Or is it not okay to add it, beacause it's actually a trike? "Aqua bike" gave 0 results in your portfolio. And so was with "Aqua Cycles" - 0 results again. Only when I typed in "Aqua Cycle", I found your bikes. I think you need to find the way to fit those words "bike" and "cycles" into your description or keywords. Otherwise you would miss some possible sales. Keywording is so tricky.


Hey, I'm reading! ;)
Mac, the only bike I found in your gallery, was Scooter. Well, I have no problems driving such things... :)) Now I just have to go to try those Hobie Mirages out. "Thanks", guys! ;)


Thanks, and go capture those shots. Maybe your weather will be better than what's predicted for us!


Those pictures are beautiful!!! I can't wait until this weekend (I have an extra extra long weekend - it starts tomorrow) to take pictures!!!! I haven't had as much time for it lately. I love getting together with family! I wish my cousin and I had more time to get together - she has a very hectic schedule.


Thanks, Maen!

Richard, that would work, also. We have some kinda neat water bikes here, too, but they still aren't as big as a cruise ship :-) Maybe she'd like to paddle my pontoon boat. LOL


Beautiful nature & nice shots, good luck with them ;)


Yep that is right Noonie.A lot of play area!!!!I am moving soon to the coast of SC.Cant wait!!I will have fresh new photos.I have driven by your home towns several times going to Helen.I am in NC now.
Take care and have fun


I see. :) I found a great page about Hobie Mirage. Should try it out one day. I'm a little bit like a chicken with those little vessels, I like bigger boats like cruise ships, then I feel safe. But it seems a lot fun, I should get over my fear and try it out. My friends have a kayaking company in Southern Estonia. Should visit them. Thanks for encouragement! :)


Peter, I'm definitely living on a gold mine!! That's what I've said for years and then the Atlanta people found out....too many here now!
Let's pick a date to start out on our kayaks and we'll meet halfway.
Maigi, you can join us if you want to. And I didn't roll or I'd have no photos!
Actually, I have a Hobie Mirage. It's really cool. It has pedals like a recumbent bicycle and paddles, also! So I can pedal while I shoot, but still hard to stay in focus. OOPS! gave my secret away......


Oh, lovely story... and definitely great pictures. Ah, would like to be there... Now, lets talk about how many times did you turned over? or rolled over? or what's the expression in English? ;))


Hi Susan. If you want to paddle your canoe up river I will be glad to paddle with you. I see by your blog that you're living on a gold mine. No wonder you have so much cash to take pictures of. Enjoy your summer of nature shots . we can both try them out on dreams time. If you get yours on first they will tell me to be more creative. TTFN Peter


Thanks, everybody. I love sharing my landscapes even if they don't sell as well as other things. Some magazines here buy a few so that makes me happy!
Debbie, you know how much area I have to play in. It's why I do so much outdoors!
People can stay at home and watch TV if it makes them happy, but that just means they probably never tried any other way! And some of my family do think I'm crazy, but who cares? :-)
As soon as I get my fill of this area I'll head out and visit all of you!


Great story and photos.


Hi Susan,
Nice shots, I imagine there is such a beautiful scenery,it's really too beautiful!!!!!!!!!Really is a kind of enjoyment!!!!!!


I see your cousin is same like you :) ... you know what I mean! I don't know his age but I could guess it. You'll never find that age people in Bulgaria having fun the way you do it! They only stay at home and watch tv. Soap serials.
Keep going! Great pics!


Great Photos Noonie.Wow it is a small world.I know this area.I lived in Toccoa Ga for many years.I love Helen Ga and that area.
Take care and keep shootiing


great pics, good luck with them!


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