The Record for Successive Rejection

My record for successive rejection is made yesterday morning. The number reaches 21. I was shocked and disappointed when I saw this. I could feel that my confidence was losing. Fortunately, I have 25 photos accepted in the afternoon, so I feel a little better. I hope this situation don't occur again, but who knows:-(

Photo credits: Jin Peng.

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August 09, 2011


OUCH!!!! At least you have a good attitude and perseverance. Good luck

August 09, 2011


Well, that's a high one, but I've had my fair share in a batch rejected also. Do please try to look at the reasons for rejection and your photos and try and think of it as a learning experience. Oddly enough, the rejection process HAS helped me in terms of both becoming a better photographer and about stock photography, even though it stings quite a bit at the time. Don't be discouraged and keep trying. Best of luck to you! :)

August 09, 2011


And i was feeling bad for 6 refused files, only 2 accepted.
For all files, the same thing
"- Image is out of focus or too much of the subject is out of focus (DOF too shallow or DOF not justified) / Image is shaken. Use a faster speed or a tripod. Please check the files at 100% zoom before submitting them."
I did use a tripod and a remote control, and f11, and yes, i've zoomed it at 100% and still looks sharp. I just can'wt understand it. And the accepted images are the ugliest i've ever uploaded.

June 28, 2008


Don't let this bring you down... just try to get better.

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