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Regardless of what the market looks like, the recruitment industry seems to continue to do well. Yesterday in Australia, there was a program on about the worldwide shortage of traffic controllers. You know, the stop and go man, or the lollipop lady. Apparently these people are high in demand and the pay is around $25 per hour for what is not a particularly skilled job.

Having never been a designer, I wonder how many go about getting their next job. I wonder do you look for opportunities like that and then cold call.

I checked this morning, and even though I know there are about 20 companies in my state offering this service, most do not have a website. Perhaps they are just simply too busy? But it would make it difficult for them to recruit people if they do not have a presence on the web.

Dreamstime has the images you need, and surely the client has a need.

Photo credits: Robert Nystrom, Richard Thomas.

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