In red

© Kuzma
For me this color is connected with lovvvvve specially. It is passion, energy, desire and sexy. Red is expressive and noticeable so connected with our hot feelings to someone, ‘red heart on red salver with red roses’ that is the most desired gift for all women that expect that form their partners in literatim and in metaphoric way. In nature red is a color of fire power of destruction and rebirth. Red is decadence and marked of from other colors its intensity. It is also healthy like red cheeks of child.

Red color especially gave some attention to the subject so it is usually used to all signs that tell us about dangerous places, situation. Naturally I find lots of images that where obvious matching the searching ‘red object’

some tasty, healthy looking fruits like apples,

love images with reach red colored hearts,

© Linnea
red roses with satin light,

amazing red wine photo marked with red outlines opposite to dark grey subject.

I love this one photo because it decadence sing of individual strong of owner.

Red as a power, energy lines waves explosions, fire and warm, hot, tropic.

Photo credits: Alexstar, Dmitry Balandin, Geotrac, Kuzma, Lazar_x, Anette Linnea Rasmussen, Papuga2006.

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