rediscovering keywords

Hello DT world...


Carmen's April Fool secret to search is still hot on my mind

especially with reference to keywords.

I also recall Carmen pointing out to me to be less articulate with my titles as "shorter keywords work better in search"... or words to that effect.

I admit, I am not the world's greatest keyword person, nor am I the most hardworking at that. Coming from a writer's background and one of journalistic flourish and creative writing composing songs,poetry,etc..

I am more astute at adding words rather than removing them.

Like my good looks , I am all flash and no substance, ha!ha!..

Anyway, jokes aside, here is my rediscovery of keyword management

from examining my download listing to see what buyers used as keywords to locate my image. (See Listing below)

The same words keep coming up. The rest , well, as they say, is superfluous.

BIG SURPRISE ! Yes, to me , it was . But to Carmen, I am sure it isn't.

Look and learn. I certainly did, and over the next few days/weeks/etc I am going into my images to edit the titles,

description, and keywords to remove as many as I can,

and stamping on my idiotic forehead a sign that reads

KISS (keep it simple stupid).

cycling, exercise,cyling helmet,exercise family,

bicycle.cycling family,cycling

coat, teen coat,

stress, stress, abuse

most common keywords:

islam ,apple dip, mosque ,tunisia, consturction work,

construction, apple , danger, hedgehog,

python, mecca, baby pig, hedgehog, baby hedgehog,

anti, anti, archeaology biblical, danger,abuse, divorce,man shirtless, arabic market,burnt, dumpster,renovation, jobs,stress, saving,hair loss,

And of course, a lot of n/a which are mostly from subscription.

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

Your article must be written in English

April 06, 2010


Good reading! I have learned a lot from studying the list of keywords used to purchase a photo. The most important thing I learned is that the words I thought would lead to a sale. DID NOT! I think I have ny titles ok but the rest needs work. Less words of small relevance and more directly describing the contents of the image from a buyers point of view. Thanks Matt!

April 06, 2010


Great blog, yeah I agree with Mani, its always fun to know what buyers search for.

April 05, 2010


Nice blog.... Good idea

April 03, 2010


Anytime Mat! I'm not an expert but I am learning as well!
I would appreciate any suggestions also... Cheers ;)

April 03, 2010


Salud Mani ! this is the exact purpose of this blog . Not only as to show how little I know about keywording, but rather looking forward to the suggestions and expertise from knoweldgeable DT colleagues like yourself.
I welcome any and all suggestions to zero in on whatever keywords, titles, description,... to any image I have in my portfolio. That will certain save me a lot of time to second guess what I should remove or retitle,etc.
Shukran Mani.

April 03, 2010


Mat! You're stressed with something my friend & you need to rest :P (bad joke!)
I advise you to check your titles & the fact that it's the shorter possible doesn't mean to make them general!
I would vary with the titles to make them different while they are of the same model... ie: "GIRL LOOKING CUTE AND WARM IN WINTER" could be "Cute Girl with High Spirit" or "Cheerful Winter" Buyers don't need to remind them that she's with winter clothes! It's shown in the photo!
I would identify the local like Quairawan Mosque - Tunisia...
Of course a good description & good key wording is a must!
Happy Easter Mat ;)

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