Reducing cows pollution with garlic

By 2050 livestock population is expected to double. Nowadays practices are not sustainable because they generate far too much pollution, so new practices and technologies are needed to produce better food, in bigger quantities with less impact on the environment.

Cows emit methane, which is really bad in the atmosphere since it is a gas with high green house effect potential, and therefore contributes to global warming and climate changes.

Some researchers report however that adding garlic to cows diet leads to a significant decrease of methane emissions (initial report says 50%).

© Castka

Anyway garlic is highly recommended for humans too.

Photo credits: Jiri Castka, Nexus7.

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August 03, 2007


Michellu, who knows what real milk really tastes anymore? ;)))

August 03, 2007


Wow, i didn't expect such a detailed insight on this matter here and (most importantly) now. Thanks and congrats! This kind of approach will (i think) be more useful to all of us than most of what's generally spawned on - cars&industry. I think the more specific and more down to earth, closer to everything and anything we do we place the problem, the more likely we are to make any real change.
This is by no means ironic. Cows, for example, may seam a bit far out of the problem, but, as we all know for instance, that, with few exceptions, all water is linked throughout the planet, the same applies to the pollution issue as well, in that everything, every resource is correlated to another, and every environmental problem is just the same. Just think about it for a second: better fodder for cows- less methane; manure and other biomass (sticking to farmsites for now)- electricity and other goods such as heat, in conjunction with strategic (local) forestation to absorbe the excessive CO2 and alternative, non-pollutant energy sources (wind/sunlight/waves), could present a decent, effective solution for both a business and a modern lifestyle that we're used to, not to mention promoting a type of environmental and lucrative approach that many companies would gradually lean their ear to.
Cows, cattle in general are an important and familiar topic throughout the world, that's why this is such a good example of where we should start looking and working, if we care. Thanks again Lindigo! There are many angles, this is one.

August 03, 2007


Won't the garlic change the taste of milk?

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