Reed Flute Caves - China

This week we stay in China but move to the Guilin region to visit the Reed Flute Caves, Ludi Yan.

The cave got its name from the verdant reeds growing outside it, with which people make flutes. Inside this water-eroded cave is a spectacular world of various stalactites, stone pillars and rock formations created by carbonate deposition. Illuminated by colored lighting, the fantastic spectacle is found in many variations along this 240-meter-long cave.

The Reed Flute Cave is a natural cave carved out of the karst limestone mountains over millions of years, and has been one of Guilin’s most famous attractions for over 1200 years.

The 240-meter-long cave is lined with interesting rock shapes and formations resembling all kinds of strange things. Many of the formations have taken on recognizable shapes of mythological creatures, or natural images. It is a Chinese habit to give each formation a legendary or poetic name such as Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda, Virgin Forest, Flower and Fruit Mountain and other interesting names.

Inside, there are more than 70 inscriptions written in ink, which can be dated back as far as 792 AD in the Tang Dynasty. They are travelogues and poems writing by Tang Dynasty literati who visited the cave. These aged inscriptions tell us that it has been an attraction in Guilin since ancient times. The cave was almost forgotten for a thousand years, before it was rediscovered in the 1940s by a group of refugees fleeing the Japanese troops.

Visit this natural wonder and listen to the legends that were born in it.

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April 14, 2015


Beautiful! Is very impressive as it may look a cave when is illuminated with mastery! Thank you for sharing!

April 18, 2014


It's amazing place!

April 16, 2014


What a beautiful place for a visit, love the colours, interesting history. Great shots!

April 14, 2014


Incredible lighting and color. It's going on my bucket list!

April 14, 2014


Amazing images!

April 14, 2014


I was in Guilin many years ago. It's really great!

April 13, 2014


Welcom to China. Guilin is a nice place. There are so meny great city in China.
Including Beijing,Shanghai.... Enjoy your stay.

April 09, 2014


Wow, incredible place, thanks for sharing.

April 09, 2014


Amazing colours!
Thanks for sharing...
I have been to the region to but never into any caves...
Next time, perhaps...

April 08, 2014


I had traveled the Guilin region,too many fibber on the street.We have a sentence that Guilin`s scene is first in the world but people are badly.

April 08, 2014


So good that's it !

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