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I am trying to activate my referral programe, but ending with errors. I try for so many time by copy and paste, but still unsuccessful. Of cos I’ll be proud if I can make it especially attached in my blogspot website, flickr, facebook, myspace, tagged, etc.My problems is that, I still did not know where to paste in that particular website.

Any ideas, pls guide me.


Photo credits: Ali Mohamad.

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June 11, 2010


with the informations and simple guide from Luissantos84, i try to link my code, in my blogspot website, but still unsuccessful. I can't find CUSTOMIZE nor EDIT LAYOUT there. If only any friends can guide me in details, i mean starting from opening or sign in my blogspot, which part i have to see or take note, until slowly to the end of adding my DT link, then i think it will be easier. I found the ADD A GADJET like what Luissantos84 given me, but when i click the GADJET, my pc immediately havin a trouble shooting.

But anyway, thanks again Robertosch and Luissantos84.

June 10, 2010


Thanks Robertosch, Luissantos84.I'll try and hope this time i can make it.

June 10, 2010


Hey, this is a very nice monkey... Congrats, do you have nice photos. Upload some more, it doesn't matter if they are new, or old, and about referral... good idea. Link your code and they'll come. I have 2, already. Good luck.

June 10, 2010


Hi! In blogspot you just need to copy the html code, then open your blogspot and go to CUSTOMIZE, then on EDIT LAYOUT, go to ADD A GADJET, then HTML/JavaScript and place the HTML there :)

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