Refused city scapes.

Dear all,

I am a new contributor and I don't understand why many of the pictures of towns I have uploaded have been refused because: " The image contains elements that might be protected by copyright/trademark...".

For example most of them were views of the Canal Grande in Venice token from the Rialto Bridge and if you search in Dreamstime you find many scapes taken from the same position those have been accepted and are not editorial.

Do you have an idea?

Thank you and best regards.

Photo credits: Mattia Oselladore.

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Thank you everybody!
Anyway this post was not to complain with the rejection polici, but only to understand what I had to change.


Our policy is that refusals cannot be discussed in public forum or on the blogs. Please contact support in order to clarify refusals if you didn't fully understand the reasons provided. Thank you.


The painter is a recognizable woman........ go for editorial submission. She would never sign a model release.


When you start putting your best images forward and they are rejected you feel grumpy and like giving up. But persist and soon you'll understand editorial thinking and standards. Don't let rejection depress you; just learn from it.


Enlarge the image at 100% pixel size and look for ANY product brand/logos, or recognizable people. Also, certain buildings are copyright protected. If you find any, the image should be submitted as Editorial. There are many sources of information on this subject on blogs or DT tutorial.


You must submit as an editorial, As like Ivanderbiesen said many small elements are protected


Jorgenmac, this is not the refused image, this is a similar image but with a person, so if you look well it is editorial.


Recently I uploaded a Venice collection as well. These protected elements might be small details such as license plates or names of boats, the transport company, trademarks of engines of boats,... I remember I removed these from my pics of the Canal Grande before submitting (besides the more obvious shop or other brand trademarks.


Whats that in the man's hands? possibly his intellectual property maybe.....

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