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Well...i reallized that if your images got refused dont worry too much..that actually doesnt mean that they are bad or smth..Everytime editor has a reason do reject your photo..Firstly i was like...Why he rejected it?Its perfect in every way.But then i realized that something must be wrong..If it is a potential 5 level image or whatever why would he do that to me and to his or her salary?Thats insane...

For the second point i carefully examined all my images that was rejected and found out that every one has a lack of smth....I strarted to editing all these images and after all i reuploaded them again and what you think?


So if your images got rejected for some reason don't charge them off.They can be potential 5 or at least 4 level images:)

There's two images that was rejected first but after editing was approved.

Photo credits: Andreygorlov.

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September 28, 2009


thanks for the point !

September 25, 2009


Human factor has to do with the approval and rejection sometimes!
But keep in your mind that mostly the reviewer is the same editor and he has the previous rejection reason in front of him/her! If the re-submission was made in a short time!
The fact that you re-edit the image and change something is some times enough to make it accepted!
I did a resubmission once after sharpening and it worked!
Cheers ;)

September 25, 2009


I had a image rejected for background issues(artifacts left it said), I opened it in PS, edited, tried to get all the background in white and resubmit with a note to the reviewer telling the changes I had, and voila! It was approved and have 2 sales :)

thanks for sharing :)

September 25, 2009


That's a very interesting story and thanks for the point you make strongly.

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