rejected image, creative solutions

enough flowers in the database,

so a creative solution for my waterlilly

hi folks, within a few months I am two years on dreamstime

I think my portfolio is getting better, more diverse,

containerships are my best selling items,

meanwhile I upgraded again, started with nikon D40 and plastic lenses,

over a nikon D80 with a prime 50 mm 1,4 and my last step is canon eos1 with 24-70 70-200 L lenses and broncolor studiolights,

and the buyers slowly will come, one by one, I hope so

the water lily is my last adition to my portfolio

because the database is full of flowers, I tryed to do something else

a composition, hopefully it will sell the next days, weeks

making illustrations will be my next step

so enjoy viewing my portfolio, any critics are welcome

still working to improve my skills

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September 22, 2013


why should I stop being exlusive on dreamstime?
if the answer is yes, so why should I stay on dreamstime?

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