After some hard work getting new shots and uploading them to the site, I was rejected, every single one. Any advice on what I could do to make my work more successful? Here are some admitted images to give u an idea of what i like to photograph-

Photo credits: Annaskahill.

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November 12, 2010


Luissantos84 is absolutely right! I wish you good luck and keep uploading.

November 11, 2010


Well said by Luis, so concept concept concept! Think of your self as a buyer for a while! Good luck :)

November 11, 2010


Hi! 3 great photos but honestly they are very artistic, I guess in terms of stock they might not sell very well but everything is possible, I recommend you to shoot a little of everything from simple to this artistic, pictures got be very sharp and nice composition.. These days DT is been very hard in approving pictures, do you best and try to come up with new concepts.. best of luck

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