is rejection really that horrible to you?

how do you see rejection? we hate that word, don't we? is it like a skeleton in your closet, or the bogeyman under your bed,lol. or do you see it as something that can be useful in your related work?

do you remember your first rejection? i do. it was when i was just a tiny kid and i got madly jealous when the neighbour's little daughter prefered to play with my brother instead of playing with me. ha!ha! and you were thinking that i am asking you about a rejection of your reviewed images to Dreamstime. ha!ha!

well, maybe our reaction to rejection goes far deeper than we think. were we used to getting rejections in our life? missed that job you have been aiming for, but never seem to get it because there is always someone luckier? better? hell no, no one is better than me. so it has to be luckier, ha!Ha!

so what am i driving at? what 's my point to this blog? you ask me.all right, this is my point. when i first started in micro stock, i had about 90% rejections. most of the images i submitted were what a teacher of photography consider well-thought and well shot creative photographs. my reviewers rejected them calling them snapshot, argghhh! hey, how can you say that? snapshot? what have you been drinking, or smoking, dude?

as time goes by, almost one year coming in a few months, i came to see rejections as something less personal. i see them as a big favour to me. what? a big favour? now, surely i am the one who is smoking some funny weed or drinking some strange bootleg, ha!Ha!.

no, seriously. look at it this way. if a reviewer rejects your image and it is approved elsewhere, what does that tell you? the natural response would be to take it personally throw a fit and bang your head against your monitor screen and holler, " shoot, this reviewer knows nothing about what is a good photograph!"

no, not really, it is just so that each review department base their reviews on the needs and demands of their buyers. your horrible looking weed in a pot ( no pun intended) may be a hot seller on another site, yet this site tells you that it is a horrible looking pot. then again, your silly looking fish rejected by the other sites but approved here, which made enough commissions for you to buy another fish is not because this agency is fishy, ha!ha! bad pun... but simply that there are more people looking for fish images here than the other agencies.

so really, can we make rejections work for us. i think so. what do you think? does it make sense to you? or am i really smoking that funny weed-cigar ?

well, i look forward to hear your responses. meantime, where is that other bottle of bootleg ? ha!ha! just joking. i drink only herbal tea.. (updated: WITH A HEDGEHOG FOR FLAVOURING ... see photo insert , lol !)

have a glorious day ;)

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

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Man,I wish everybody would read this and stop throwing tantrums about rejections.I agree 100%-as you already a newbie and all at this stage I celebrate over each accepted image,it means I have learnt something.Thanx for sharing.




Yeah, don't take it personal, if rejected here it might accepted somewhere else, & vice verse. Just move on, let the life continue.


Hey, I just wrote a text about understanding rejections here few days ago. I agree with you, we should use rejections to learn from them, and become better

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Very humorous take on rejections, but so true! Honestly though, IMO Dreamstime has the most consistent reviewers of all the micros. No Attila the Reviewer works here! :D


I think you hit the nail on the head! Each reviewer and each site has their ideas of what is good or what sells. Take rejections as a learning tool and go on from there. It is not personal.

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