A rejection should equal motivation

After writing "Don't give up" I felt like giving up. I stopped submitting to dreamstime, but not due to lack of confidence. It was due to some unforeseen circumstances. Now I'm able to continue what I began, create and submit.

However, I stopped when I felt like I was starting to get a grasp of both pieces of software. So I opened up photoshop, spent a little time on a nature photo that I was pretty happy with and it was rejected in a very quick fashion. I read the comments and took in what the reviewer said. Some of which I honestly agreed with. But that rejection really helped me.

How did this help me? It reminded me that as powerful as photoshop is you still need to put your all into your image. Pure talent is great but pure talent with direction and motivation can be amazing. Yet I forgot that along the way and it's funny it took that rejection to remind me of that. It also reminded me not to shy away from Adobe Illustrator.

I'm not in any way saying I enjoy rejections, I'm saying I now use them to motivate me to get better.

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January 19, 2011


Good comments! It's easy to forget that DT are on our side! The higher the quality on the site the more customers..we all benefit. A tip I read somewhere on the boards also said 'wait a day or two before uploading to DT' It's amazing how many faults you see when you haven't looked at your image for a while. Wish you many sales.

January 18, 2011


I also resubmitted some of my rejected pictures but only if there was a tittle bit wrong with it and I could easily correct them. Mostly they were approved afterwards. What I learned of rejections is to look twice at the images before I upload them

January 17, 2011


Some of the rejections are motivation but I have fought a couple of rejections and im happy that I have done that since one of them has turned out to be one of my biggest sellers.

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