Relational Distortion

Lately I have been reading a lot of music recording, arranging and mastering stuff apart, from the regular photography and editing. There is an exceptional relativity that I found in between not just in the technicalities of these two arts, but also in real life.

Everyone who is aware of digital photographs generally is aware that when we zoom the pictures we reach a level where we start seeing pixels (squares) in the image. This distortion happens due to excess dissection of the image beyond its normal resolution capacity. High-end softwares and hardwares even enable us to zoom this single pixel further which then again appears as a resolution of small dots which appear more like grain/noise than a square pixel. Even at pixel size level one cannot judge a picture forget about imagining anything at such a nano level.

In sound engineering or recording there is a similar technique to get into the details of a waveform by amplifying the certain part of the wave and getting into it. When we amplify that detail we reach to a level of finer tuning that we are looking for. At the same time the sound starts getting distorted just like the pixels in a photograph. If the waveform was to be represented in pixelated form like a digital image we would end up finding the same result as we would find in an image of finally reaching to details where we see nothing but grains.

Taking the above examples we can imagine that the images whether good or bad photographically can be judged better as a whole picture when seen from far. We can also see the color tones well which are good enough for the limited capability of the eyes. I think similar logic applies to a relation or a person we try to judge. No matter how much you love or hate a person, the more you will try to study that person the more unclear and distorted the whole judgement will become. Its like looking at a beautiful woman and admiring her from far, and then suddenly getting close to her skin to see if its as flawless as it appears from far… it won’t be or it might be more than it should be.

Realistic approach in maintaining relations and judgements about people is very important. This realistic approach lies in the understanding of the distance we choose to keep from that person and the importance we give to that relation. If we try to dissect and investigate everything in detail nothing will seem perfect. Like I always say… there would be no importance for peace if there was no evil around. The same way expecting a relation or a person to be flawless is stupidity. Yes you can analyze or study a case from a distance if there is any problem occurring, but for the right analysis and results you will have to maintain a distance and see that you don’t get too close. So close that you will blur your own vision!




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Photo credits: , Nikhil Gangavane.

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