The relationship between the image title and the search result

I just do a research on the relationship between the image title and the search result.

I have two images online, with same keywords but different title.

Building roof

© Jy604


© Jy604

If I search by "building roof", I can find the first image in the second place of first line in first page.

But when I search by "roof", I can find the second image in the line 4 of first page.

As we know, the image can make more money if it can be found more easy in the search result. So I suggest we can do a test before we give the title to our images. To find a title which can be searched easier.

Hope this can help you.

Photo credits: Jy604.

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August 20, 2010


Not that I know anything for sure but when you look for roof and the title is roof there is a 100% match while with the building roof is only 50%. If this is true then it might be a better idea to give short maybe one word titles that have a better chance to make a perfect match.
But then again if it's a miss it's a total miss.

August 20, 2010


When submitting similar images, I usually give different names to them, so they can be better placed at the search engine. Good suggestion.

August 20, 2010


Thanks for your help.

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