Relative success assessment:)

Todays visit of DT pages made me once again happy - there were made some sales and also portfolio acceptance is getting slightly better for me by the time...

...but - as probably everyone - I

There is coming quite important milestone for me in one month: I will have DT account for two years. In the beginnig, while heard abot the stock photography, I started accounts on various pages dedicated to SP (competitors' names removed by admin). By the time I realised I have no time to upload and take care about various accounts and decided to become exclusive with my favorite - DT. Step I do not regret:).

The initial naive idea, that I will sell thousands of photos passed away, because I found myself able to upload only several images per month, in some situations even less (while living in conditions, where the quality connection is rare), but I still like that some people find my pictures useful. Seeing results of other people selling here, I

Because, me personally, I

...but as always, I want to sell more:))

What is your opinion about your respective portfolios? Do they develop as you expected?


Have a nice day

Photo credits: Scaramax.

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September 29, 2011


:) thanks for all comments...
it is true that taking stock photo as a hobby and learning tool is the best way, while it becames the job, all is screwed and the pleasure is gone. But the results must look quite different to take it seriously:)

Probably it works better, while majority of pictures is normal RF and not Editorial as I have... first hundred bucks in less than three months is impressive result (to mee took like two months just to make the first sale)...

I´m glad you like it people... gonna surely continue (another load of sand, dust, weapons & soldiers of various armies will be coming soon:))

September 29, 2011


Your pics are great,, keep them coming.

September 28, 2011


Dreamstime has helped me a lot (because I've learned) despite the fact I take the whole Stockphotography as a hobby. I do not like being exclusive because I love all my pics (they are not that great but are mine) and I find that those which are rejected here are accepted in other places and that simply fact makes me happy. In some places they do not have acceptance ratio so you are free to submit and they choose the best. Here the little percentage scares the hell out of me. What I love the most about DT is the community it has!!

September 28, 2011


Good luck with your goals

September 28, 2011


I love Dreamstime and am also an exclusive member. Dreamstime gave me more than I expected. Withing 2,5 months I reached my first $100 with only about 145 pictures online at the time and that whas much faster then I expected. I try to focus on diversaty and cover as many subjects as possible. I am also a very regular buyer and I try to look at my own pictures as a buyer point of view and if I could need them personaly. September is doing great for me with already 39 sales! :)

I like your portfolio! Images like that will be hard to get for me. ;) Good luck!

September 28, 2011


I like your photos. Take care and show us what it's happening there

Good luck

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