Reminder. Good titles and keywording makes the most work

Hello Dreamstimers,

Just for the beginners here that have the question how to make more sales. There are different factors that influence your sales. One of the most important is keywords and titles.

I learned in the past that titles and keywording are extremely important and if not the MOST important activity while submitting images or videos. I started myself with not paying much attention to this but i learned taking care of your titles and keywords will pay off. Submitting an image with poor data is like submitting no image at all. They will be below the competition. It is better to have medium images with good captions then superb images with bad ones since nobody will find them. Next to that i also see it is better to keyword your images separate rather then in bulk. Your photos will be then better spread. Its like fishing with multiple hooks then only one. And of course relevancy. It makes no sense to add the keyword "money" to an image of a cow. People that look for a money photo will not buy your cow image anyway. They will be rather frustrated.

So whenever you think as a beginner that you dont make "enough" sales check first your data before you conclude something else. Also it is a good advice to re-keyword your photos already accepted if you doubt about the correctness. This can give you sales a boost.

Your article must be written in English

September 14, 2017


I think not only on keywords and the tittles.. but the discription of our photos is important too. I mean the same keyword on the tittle, discription and tag clouds (keywords) is very nice on search result of this site.

September 11, 2017


Are there any tools out there to help generate better keywords? I can do the obvious ones that the image suggests but finding those unique ones that people are actually searching can be really tough.

August 09, 2017


Ffocus on headings and keywords and speak zkzfx5 Zhao Fu Xin,china.

August 05, 2017


Thank You key words are very difficult...

August 03, 2017


Thank you!

August 02, 2017


Good advice, thank you!

August 02, 2017


Mirco Vacca is one of the best and most productive stock photographer I've come across with. And this short, clean, straight to the point article is very informative and useful as always.

August 02, 2017


Thank you!

August 02, 2017


Thank you for these advices.

August 02, 2017


interesting article , I will pay attention to my Keywords even if it's not easy to find the right one

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Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.