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I actually replied to one very well written blog on this topic.

But it was so long a reply that I thought, hell, maybe this should have been my new blog .

so here it is...

P.S. sorry for the cut and paste, as I am in a hurry to go out.





I am a working photographer with stock being a miniscule portion of my work schedule. ie. more active in winter months less active during summer when my work takes up almost 18 hours a day.

Going exclusive has been on my mind too. I don't have the time to subscribe to multiple sites that promise bigger commissions but no sales or worst no views.etc.

I made lots of good friends here in DT community and with another top site , whom I noticed are successful exclusives with that highly respectable agency. I asked them the same question too, re putting the eggs in one basket.

I noticed, at least in my case, different sites sell better specific concepts. I can safely say Dreamstime sells more or less a specific niche for me, so I am increasing those niche exclusively for DT.

I think if I were to look at my production and tailor make it to say one specific site , ie. the site that sells the most for me , naturally..

I could more or less pigeonhole my production to this niche.

Exclusivity would increase my commissions too, since exclusivity commands higher percentage. which I think would off set the scattering of forces, or spreading yourself too thinly... speaking pro-exclusivity.

Also, it certainly would save you a lot of time trying to second guess the reviewers since the site who wants your work will stop messing up your mind with silly rejection reasons, (not referring to Dreamstime).. as your approval ratio will remain consistently positive.

ok, I differ from your own final note as to be non exclusive ( if you want to make as much money with as many sites).

I know two of my top favourite super sellers are exclusive with that site, so exclusivity does not necessarily mean losing out . I am sure, if I were a top seller, that site I go exclusive will want to ensure I keep with them. I think I really wouldn't miss hoping to make money with as many sites as I can, if one site truly cater to my work as they do with these two supersellers.

After all, there is really only a handful of sites that truly make money for you... at least in my case.


well, what do you think???

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January 30, 2011


If stock photography is a hooby for you stay as an exclusive with DT ... But if you plan to be a bir actor in the industry start work with major agencies.

It is obvious that incomes from DT depends on exvlısivity. However dont forget that , there are other agencies who can sell as good as DT.

And a second note. If you think that other agencies will accept your images which DT already approved , you are wrong !

Good luck

January 29, 2011


Yes, Mani my friend, it is all about money.
One would be fibbing to say one is in microstock just for fun or to see our photos on a page with tons of views and no downloads, or lots of downloads at very little commissions.
And what if one day I find Dreamstime or another top site paying me enough money to make it worth my while to put all my eggs in one basket?
I don't think it would take much to twist my arm to say yes, go exclusive. Like Egomezta chose, or Lcjtripod is contemplating.

January 29, 2011


Hi... I got the same thought too... I decided to go exclusive with DT, it had work very well for me... Good luck!

January 29, 2011


It's all about money my friend! That's all I can say! cheers Matt :)

January 29, 2011


I have also given this much thought. I will go exclusive but with DT only. I looked at the rest and they do not stack up to DT for sales over the long haul. I am waiting for one other stock agency to go belly up before I make my move to go exclusive. Why waste your time with "Me Too" stock agencys? I hope many others add their two cents to your blog!

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