Research Park

It's where I work. And it's also proving to be a good source of images. Sometimes at lunch, or during the dinner break before coming back to work for the evening, I take the camera to go out in the park to practice and, who knows, I might get a decent shot, especially if the light is good. It's very relaxing: a nice mix of corporate-like building and small cottages surrounding a couple of small lakes. © Fcarucci (Help) © Fcarucci (Help) Such a peaceful place. © Fcarucci (Help) This little wooden bridge was my first shot ever with my first Zeiss lens: i just loved it and uploaded it straight away. Enjoy.


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July 03, 2008


Thank you very much. Too kind :)

July 02, 2008


Really nice images and great portfolio. I especially like the London skyline image. Good luck in the future!

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