Reselling downloaded images?

I found a few of my images in use today, but unfortunately, this particular website was using my images on invitations that they are selling, with out having purchased the proper license, I sent an email and they removed the images, but I have no way of knowing how long they were selling them or how many times they were sold. The website is They have quite a few images that look familiar to me. I was wondering if we have any kind of recourse in these situations?

Photo credits: Irisangel.

Your article must be written in English



Very good point, it does sound misleading


i think maybe the person could be innocently negligent or ill informed . i remember my horror reading an article in an AV product magazine (can you believe it) actually gave his/her expertise to tell readers Royalty Free means you can use it for FREE.
Perharps it is time microstock agencies replace the words Royalty FREE.


shame. we are all human and we use our own creative mind . i just don't understand how some people cannot just use their own minds to do likewise. how proud can you be of "stealing" someone's work and calling it your own? even worse, to make money on it.
sometimes, it's best not to find them out.


I think it is forbidden!


You have recorse personally only if YOU regester the images with the U.S.A. Copyrite Office. The cost is very little and you can copyrite a CD full of thumbnail images. I did it years ago but quit as fighting in court is a break even battle at best. Good luck to you and Happy Turkey Day! -Larry


Non-exclusives are not proteted at all .... maybe the buyers even don't know it, but we can't do anything than sending them emails to remove the images. If we ask them where did they get the images from, I'm sure they won't tell us :S


Thanks for all the comment and support, but I'm not sure that contacting support would help as I am not exclusive here and I really have no way of knowing where they downloaded the images. Just thought I would mention it. Thanks again.


Thanks for sharing


Thank you for sharing. I visited the site to have a look and see if any of my images has been used... I hope admin will solve your case.


For non-exclusives, it's very hard to control this and ask for any microstock site's help... Sorry about this, & it's not the first time it happens with you :S


I'm not sure but selling cards with Microstock images is forbidden!
Simply because the card sells for the image not the paper card or anything!
So different from books & magazines that sell for the contents even if you like the cover! Once I heard that from Ioana Grecu (Admin).
Ioana please correct me if I'm wrong!

I advise you to contact support about the issue the same & let them see if they should take an action or not!

Thanks for calling the attention to this!


I think now that they have removed them your case is not that strong. You should have contacted support before contacting the site owners and let DT advise you on actions to be taken.


thanks for sharing this. Why don't you contact DT admin to let them know and see what they can do...

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