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Creating high resolution illustration is not so difficult, all you have to do is to work out you graphic in high resolution or in vector program like Corel when no matter was it original big or small, vector drawing can be saved in any resolution that is needed, all matters to your computer powers. What about photography?

I found some photo that is originally 138,2 MP, wow that is the really big one in metric size is 81,3 cm on 121,9cm in 300dpi, in 72dpi it is 338,7 cm on 508cm.

Photo of beautiful green field was took by Canon Eos Digital Rebel XT. Is this possible to create such huge photo by this camera? Or it was same kind of manipulation.

I am wonder.

p.s. It is so big that could be a billboard without putting to it any work.

Photo credits: Loic Giraud.

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March 13, 2008


Yes, beautiful photo. Maximum size is 9600 x14400 witch is 121,92x81,28 cm, 3456x2304 is only 7,96MP not 138,2 MP am I wrong?

March 12, 2008


Hello! About this picture. I shot it with a canon rebel xt and then worked on it with photoshop for the sky and retouching colors. I put it at 300 dpi and that's all. The bigest size in pixel in this camera is 3456X2304 at 72 dpi wich is 121.92X81.28 cm. Thanx for showing my picture on this blog.

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