In Response To Bringing A Old Image To Life

I am responding to Jennifer's blog posted on 9/11/07. I live within a 30 minutes ride to Niagara Falls. I really became tired of photographing the falls that look like the ordinary tourist image of the falls.

I tried something new. I started to image the falls in smaller sections to make them look more abstract.

I also wanted to add how much I enjoy Ellen's articles on stock photography and also reading everyones blog articles. Thank you Dreamstime Staff. Kathleen Struckle aka Kittycat

Photo credits: Kathleen Struckle.

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September 09, 2008


I know what you mean. I want to go back to every place I have been that I did in film and do it in digital. I did get back to the Grand Canyon. I could not believe how much better my images are.

September 06, 2008


What a coincidence to hear you comment about creating more abstract work from what is typically a Kodak moment kind of shot. On my trip through SC, NC, and TN this summer that idea unfortunately didn't occur to me until I got home and was looking at my waterfall images. Most were good but only a few seemed useful as stock. I guess I'm going to just have to go back and shoot it again someday! Unfortunately not a 30 minute drive - more like 15 hours.

February 01, 2008


Thank you Linqong for the wonderful comment. These are 30 sec exposures. I take it that others don't see it that way. I have not sold many.
Thank you again for the comment. :)

February 01, 2008


It has ideas that the picture is made very much. Like dreamland. It is really very beautiful!

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