Results of Best Selling Easter Bunny 2012 Game

Hello everybody, it is Easter Monday today and it is time to close and evaluate the "Best selling Easter Bunny 2012" game I announced on March 20th in Free Discussions section of Dreamstime forum.

I was very pleased to see 15 contributors joining with total of 22 images and I admit, that your postings were most exciting thing happening in the game, as the score moved a little bit slow. We had 5 downloads total, which is maybe little, maybe enough - but that is a topic for discussion in your comments here - I appreciate any opinion for further improvements of such games, so feel free to react.

But the most exciting thing for me was your support - your interest, your views, your posts... -and I have to address a special thanks to Dreamstime crew, who posted this game on DT facebook page and to Peanutroaster, who helped with his blog post (and to all who helped without me noticing - thank you!)

So what are the results of this Game?

- 15 contributors

- 22 images

- 768 visitors in game thread

- 5 downloads (total of 4 images)

- 0 spamming attempts (-you guy are amazing :) )

Clearly we have a winners and here they are (I had to put image level into count to differentiate the chart a bit more):

The BEST SELLING EASTER BUNNY 2012, with 2 (level1) downloads is Peanutroaster's cute toy bunny:

The SECOND PLACE, with 1 (level2) download is held by Ivanamedek's fluffy live bunny:

And the THIRD PLACE, with 1 (level 0) download each is shared by two images: Peanutroaster's gray bunny and Elianehaykal's cookie bunnies:

To see the other submitted images check the game thread here. and here is the list of all participating contributors (in order of appearance): Ivanamedek, Draskovic, Peanutroaster, karenfoleyphotography, mjak, Rosedarc, Obiectiv, Elianehaykal, Mrbar, Clarsen55, Mangroove, Celiaak, 1507kot, Rahela, Danilashik,

Thank you all!

Please feel free to comment on the game - was it successful? what went wrong, what went right... - all the input is valuable, as the next game will be announced soon :)

Photo credits: Eliane Haykal, Ivanamedek, Peanutroaster.

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April 22, 2012


hello my friends, I am going to launch new game in coming weeks. First I have to finish some jobs that are still hang up on my shoulders, but as soon as I finish them I will announce a new game. For now I will announce just the topic, so you can crawl through your portfolio to pick some images, or to set up your lights and camera to make some for the game - so get ready for "BACK TO SCHOOL" topic and have some pieces ready for the game announcement :) take care and good light to all of you.

April 21, 2012


   Easter Basket with Decorated Easter Eggs      Pastel Easter Eggs in Fresh spring Grass   
for next time. ;-)

April 21, 2012


I loved to play the game. It was fun to see all the images participating.
We could have had more sales if we started earlier and also we caught one week of bad sales or virtually none because of the "most relevant" problem.
Hope you start the new game soon. Thank you for hosting.

April 11, 2012


Thanks Janceluch for "hosting" the contest - it was fun. Congrats to the winners, and looking forward to the next game! K-

April 11, 2012


That was fun :-)

April 11, 2012


Congratulations !

April 10, 2012


All bunnies are adorable :-)

April 10, 2012


YAY, it's thanks to your game that mine got a sale!!
Looking forward to your future games :)

April 09, 2012


Yippee! I'll add it to my list of accomplishments. Thanks to the buyers and to all of my worthy fellow wabbit hunters.

April 09, 2012


Congratulations to the winners....

April 09, 2012


Congrats! They are all very nice shots!

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