The results of going exclusive.....

I read a lot of the threads about going exclusive before I decided if I should or not. After consideration of both sides I decided it was a good move for me and made the jump. All I know is since I did so the middle of August my sales and views have quadrupled. The attached photo sold today for my biggest sale yet (7 credits).

I completely understand those who are in this to make sums large enough to actually pay some bills may have very valid justification to have multiple carriers for their pics. However my advice to those of you like me, and I think most of us fall in this boat, whose portfolios grow slower than we'd like, could only benefit from exclusivity.

I should add I had been pursuing several carriers and chose Dreamstime for the site's ease of navigation and use, and their admin staff who are very on the ball. I actually had my portfolios deactivated at other sites in order to go exclusive.

Just my 2 cents.....

Photo credits: Asakalaskas.

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November 01, 2011

Asakalaskas should answer all your questions about exclusivity

October 31, 2011


Speaking of exclusivity but this time related to single images, I have a few images I initially uploaded as Exclusive but now I would like to give'em a try on other sites as well to see how is it going. How can I remove the "Exclusivity" from some of my accepted images ?

October 31, 2011


@wilson100: No, I didn't said that i haven't sold a single image... I just said that at the time I've posted the reply, my views and downloads were just like it was when I wasn't exclusive.
In the meantime things changed a little bit. Looks like I should have been more patient. :) Now I am beginning to feel the advantages of being exclusive.
Thank you and... more downloads to everybody! :)

October 30, 2011


strange that Silvian... i've not sold a single image since going exclusive a few weeks back ?

October 19, 2011


Hello. I became an exclusive photographer with dreamstime just a few days ago. I have read your article and it seems very "hopefull". But, in my case, in this few days since I am an exclusive photographer with dreamstime it feels like the views of my pictures are not rising at all.
Maybe I have to be a little bit more patient or maybe you can tell me more about this.

By the way, I am very pleased with the way dreamstime manages this business as well for the photographers as for the clients. I really think is the best stock photography site. I also deleted my portfolios on other stock photography sites just to become exclusive with dreamstime.
I hope the exclusivity program will bring benefits for me and for dreamstime community.
Thank you.

October 13, 2011


I took this decision long time ago, never regreted!
Congrats on your sales!

October 12, 2011


I've just got my 50.... !!!! just decided to apply for the big E 'watch this space'

September 07, 2011


I am not exclusive myself, but must say that I totally agree about the support on DT - people here are fantastic, and so very helpful. And the community of photographers is great too - very inspiring. Ewapix

September 07, 2011


Glad you are happy with the "jump". Lots of luck moving forward

September 07, 2011


COngratulations, it is very effective to be exclusive.

September 07, 2011


Congratulations to you!! Personally I never regretted my decision about being exclusive. I'm happy with my three figure income per month from DT .

September 07, 2011


I came to the same too, but what decided me was the high acceptance rate of Dreamstime and good exposure (number of views per photo). However since becoming exclusive, I did not see (yet) any increase in purchase activity....

September 07, 2011


I came to the same conclusion you did and went exclusive. I'm not doing this to make a living and don't want to spend the time it would take to manage multiple agencies. I'm just trying to help pay for my photography "addiction". :-)

September 07, 2011


Congratulations, good choice! Good day and good work!

September 07, 2011


Congratulations!Well done!

September 07, 2011


Thanks for sharing that. My portfolio is currently at 48 images, with numerous still to add following 2 weeks away, so I am getting ready to seriously consider becoming exclusive myself.

September 07, 2011


Well done! You will see you did the right thing...

September 07, 2011



September 06, 2011


Congrats. I am seriously thinking about jumping on the exclusive bandwagon but cannot make the decision yet.

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