Rethinking your art or design business in bad times?

Our economy is in crisis and times are scary. But crisis is also an opportunity for change and growth. This is exactly the time to ask yourself “What do I want?”

Get Back to Basics: Think about your strengths and your weaknesses. Which practices are making you money and which are not? You might have to actually redefine what you are doing. When asking yourself what you want, it is also important to ask what you don’t want. Isolate your true niche, and then draw and expand upon it.

Cut costs: This is obvious, of course. Sacrifices are going to have to be made. This means no more lunches out. Reusing papers and supplies. Yup, just like the old days when starving artists drew on cardboard and napkins. Who knows this may inspire you to work with found objects in a whole new way. Save money not just because of a bad economy, but because you have a bigger plan for the future.

Stay Active: If things are slow keep yourself busy, even if the projects are pro bono or generated by yourself. Keep your mind active rather than dwelling on doom and gloom and freaking out. These types of pro bono or self directed projects also allow you freedom to explore your creative longings and perhaps even achieve a break-through in your creative work. Activity brings activity.

Realize we are in this together: The economy sucks and people are scared. Rather than fighting or alienating one another we have to help one another. Together we can do better then we can alone.

Photo credits: Konstantin Sutyagin.


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December 09, 2008


Some interesting ideas, its always good to reevaluate your work once in a while to make sure you keep on track.

November 21, 2008


Great blog, good ideas :)

November 14, 2008


Good thoughts Richard, let's figure this out...........

November 14, 2008


You are right. Togheter is better then alone. I hope this crisis gives us a better future.

November 13, 2008


Good blog. This is one that I'm sure touches each and every one of us today. The expression on this guy's face tells it all.

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