I regret to inform you...that my old CRT monitor is dying. Pain in my ***... :) The question is - what kind of TFT should I choose? I'm not a millionaire, so I can't afford an EIZO or a highly qualified Samsung...maybe a second-hand ViewSonic or something...but what?

What do YOU use for stock photos' preparation? Please advise, if you can, it's important and urgent, I can't work... :)

Photo credits: Martin Green.

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And finally I bought a used ViewSonicc...anyway, thank you. :)


Thank you for your tips! I'm going to check some used LGs and Acers I guess :)


lg, acer, samsung, 19 " they are good and cheap under 150 $ i agree that mac is better, but not the same price !


Well I use Mac screen there really good. Its around 1200 USD. And I'm using good old Acer AL 1916W LCD its quite good using for almost 2 years Masha Allah no complaints and at a very good price 150 USD. I suggest Acer if you are budget constraint else go for Apple way.


As a first hand solution maybe you could find those second hand CRT monitors of 19". They are available through some PC magazines & auctions online...
They are still my favourits for graphics!
After if you want to invest (when you afford it of course :)) buy an LG TFT they are pretty good & have good angle view!

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