Retirement was my connection to photography. What was your connection?

I retired from my "job" and now I'm a photographer! Yay

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Over the past few months I've been struggling with the question, "what is retirement"?

Is it quitting your job?

Is it collecting a pension?

Is it the beginning of a new, fun career?

Is it traveling?

Is it having the opportunity to explore new and exciting activities?

Is it becoming a babysitter to the grandkids?

Is it sitting in front of the TV?

Is it wasting the rest of your life?

Is it struggling to support yourself or fighting a disease?

After 35 years of working for the corporate world, I no longer hit the roads at 6:00 am and return eight hours later. I don't buy work clothes anymore, i don't pack a lunch, I have a retirement fund, I do activities I never had time for and I answer lots of questions about my life. Everyone wants to know how I like retirement.

It was a hard question to answer because I wasn't really sure what retirement meant. So I set out to examine what retirement meant to other people. I began by asking some simple questions that I thought would help me understand other people's ideas about life, and ultimately life after "work"!

Do you feel guilty if you are being non-productive or do you feel like you deserve "free time"?

Do you appreciate the small things in life or do you need more?

How much money is enough?

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Is there a Higher being or is it just your conscience that guides you?

Do you have good luck and bad luck or do you deserve your successes and failures?

Do memories help to guide you through life or are you still learning new things every day?

What makes you a stronger person? What makes you vulnerable?

Do you often seize the moment or do you watch life pass you by?

Has your life been a myriad of opportunities or disappointments?

The quest to find the answers was endless. Each person perceives a question differently based on their own lifetime experiences and beliefs. Therefore, the answer to the question, "what is retirement?" remains an individual one.

I think for me, retirement means, having the financial ability and emotional support of others to stop working at a job which was necessary but not satisfying, and to continue to learn, work and participate in more satisfying activities that make me feel fulfilled, successful, happy rewarded and confident. "Doing what I want to do when I want to do it"

I'm retired and now I'm a photographer. I envy those who realized early on how rewarding "creating memories with pictures" can be. My connection to photography was retirement.

If you have made it to this point in my blog (I know I like to ramble), I thank you and please share with us below how you were connected to photography. Please tell us your story, this is how we socialize.



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Photo credits: Debra Tosca.

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[imgl]12069783 [/imgl], copyright rj lerich Debratos: Thanks so very much for reading and commenting on my DT blog. I appreciate this and your comments. Yes, I have been lucky, very lucky to live most of my life as I desired. I live by no one's conventions but my own. A bit of overconfidence but, let's just say that being overly confident is desirable and it sounds like you have reached this state in your life. Best of luck in your endeavors and with your health. Once again, check my online 'onewhitemantravel lerich' for a good laugh and/or my pro photog site, if you have a desire to see what my theater work looks like! Ok, enough self promotion! *~)) Warm regards, rj lerich


@Marlayunira your art work is terrific. I'm amazed at how talented so many people are, including you. I used to paint pictures but lost my eye hand coordination due to my eye disease. I am lucky to still be able to take photos and let the camera do the art work for me. Keep up the drawing.


@Wxh6763 Thank you! I love your collection, too. Your photos are so colorful. I especially enjoyed your ice house photos.


@Mangalika You are so lucky to have had so many "teachers" and your collection is amazing. Keep up the good work


Nice sharing and beautiful images..I do enjoying your blog. I do drawing since I was a kid and never stop to make any kind of art creativities. Well, I feel that Art is in my red blood.. ^_^ Good luck with sales!!


beautiful pictures! best blessing to you and happy photography!


My mom was my inspiration...she also used to take photos..
and now the connection is my hubby whoz also a photographer


@Rajansingh thank you for the compliment. Your photos are all very nice as well, pretty creative and unique. I'm finding that I never stop learning. There are many things I do not know about photography, but if we knew everything life would be boring, right? I wish I had "little" models to shoot, I think kids are so funny and unpredictable some times. Enjoy your grandkids, your retirement and your photography.


First of all great photos. Well done. I also became a photographer after my retirement. just 8 month old in this field and love this. I have 4 grand-kids, they and their mother(my daughter) are my models. ha ha ha. 60 years of age and do not know how much I have to learn as a photographer. But I love this. Best wishes to you for more and more beautiful photos.

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