Returning to Dreamstime

It's been years, 6 years since I last managed to upload a picture to Dreamstime.

Many reasons contributed to this fact. I will talk about two:

1. I hadn't been able to get away from my daily activities to photograph. Children, career, getting my BA, all these factors translated to ever so limiting time to shoot.

2. Technical deterioration of my equipment - My aging EOS 10D from 2003 was no longer capable of shooting quality images that suited the raised standards of DT. My images were rejected to a point of 50% rejection, and I couldn't upgrade my camera.

So DT collection has stayed on 151 files for more than 6 years.

Ripe wheat

(Ripe Wheat - uploaded 2005)

but the joy of contribution was not there

sales were nice, and the files still sales,

The Old city of Istanbul

(old city of Istanbul - uploaded 2006)

I am back! I finally bought my dream camera - the Fuji X100 and it delivers. I had 2 rejections out of 30 files I've uploaded in the past month! what an acceptance rate!

I hope new sales are on their way, I hope many buyers will enjoy my files. I decided to concentrate on landscape imagery.

Not only the new camera allows me to explor photography again, it also good enough for DT.

Holy Land Series-Almond Tree#2

(Fuji X100 - uploaded 1.2014)

Holy Land Series - Palmachim Beach Panorama

(Fuji X100 - uploaded 1.2014)

Photo credits: Amitai.
  • Amitai
Shoot, Shoot, Shoot and always look for a stock photo opportunity.

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April 25, 2014

Welcome back. Keep it up


April 25, 2014

Oliver7perez Thank you!


April 24, 2014

Thank you for this post ... it is because of your post that I was reminded of what I first set out to do .... am getting back in the game. Hopefully will be over 200 in the next couple of days ...


February 19, 2014

It's nice to see that your sales kept going even if you did not upload for such a long period. Good luck with your new camera!


February 19, 2014

Welcome back and have fun with your new camera! I've uploaded some new files taken with a mirrorless (not Fuji). Fingers crossed!


February 10, 2014

Great photos, welcome back!


February 07, 2014

Welcome back ... after reading this I realize I am also at exactly 151 images and have been too busy to upload for the last couple of months. But will not use that as an excuse moving forward. Will have to find time to do what I love. Maybe take pictures of me being busy ha ha ha .... thanks for sharing ... will be my goal to upload more in the up coming days and make it a habit ...


February 07, 2014

Welcome back!


February 07, 2014

Great! Welcome back! Keep working!


February 07, 2014

I liked Palmahim panorama! I suppose I Know in which city you live))) Great pictures and great sales! Let your come back be successful!


February 06, 2014

Welcome back !


February 06, 2014

beautiful pics


February 06, 2014

Great come back... Congratulations for your new camera.


February 06, 2014

Awesome! Welcome back! Best of luck with new sales.


February 06, 2014

Welcome ^_^


February 06, 2014

Welcome back!!!!!


February 06, 2014

Nice Images, Welcome Back!


February 06, 2014

welcome back! I especially like your holyland series. very impressive so many sales on less then 200 images!


February 06, 2014

Welcome back. And don't leave your old 10D, use it as backup camera. today we are encouraged to do photos with mobile phones :) BTW, X100 is amazing!


February 06, 2014

Very Good. Welcome back!