Review: The Canon Gadget Bag.

You've just bought your first digital, single-lens reflex camera, and now you need to protect it. But how do you go about protecting your new camera? A camera bag is a nice start. In this article, I will review the Canon Gadget Bag.

The Size -

First of all, the Canon Gadget Bag has plenty of room to store your camera and accessories. You can easily fit two lenses(maybe three), the camera itself, and most of your other accessories into this camera bag. The approximate length is fourteen inches, the width is seven inches, and the height is around nine inches.

As for pockets, you have five altogether. There are two smaller pockets on the left and right side of the camera bag, which are useful for storing something like the battery charger and a couple of filters. The front pocket is the second biggest pocket, and you can use it to store cables or other similar items.

Obviously, the main compartment/pocket is the largest and it will store your camera and camera lenses. Velcro lines the inside of the Gadget Bag's main pocket, and it allows you the option of changing the inner design of the bag. So if you need more room for a lens then you simply adjust the inner design of the bag until it suits your needs.

As for the fifth pocket it is located on the underside of the top part of the bag. You will use it for very small items or perhaps nothing at all. It's the least useful of all the pockets.

The Interior -

As for the inside of the Gadget Bag, it is mostly comprised of nylon. It is smooth and soft, so you don't need to worry about your camera being damaged while you lug this camera bag around.

Protection -

Obviously, the main reason you're going to buy a camera bag is to protect your pricey camera. The Canon Gadget Bag serves this purpose nicely. While it may not be waterproof, it is most certainly resistant to water. So if you're unexpectedly caught in a small rain shower then your camera will be fine. But if you drop it in a lake, you're going to need to buy a new camera. Sorry.

The Canon Gadget Bag comes with your basic straps. You have the shoulder strap that can be connected or disconnected from the bag, or you can just use the hand strap to haul the Gadget Bag around. The buckles are made of metal, so you don't need to worry about them cracking or breaking while you're carrying your bag around.

As you can see, the Canon Gadget Bag is a great bag if you have a large camera such as a digital, single-lens reflex camera. With the Gadget Bag, your digital, single-lens reflex camera camera will be safe and secure even in a moist environment. Just don't drop it in a river.

Photo credits: Jrtmedia.

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November 26, 2007


Thanks a lot for this thoughtful and useful review.

Here's something to think about when buying this bag or any other: your back.

Most professional photographers that I know that have shot for over 10-15 years have back problems from hauling their gear around in over the shoulder bags.

Most of the ones have now switched to camera backpacks to evenly divide the weight between both shoulders. They aren't as convenient but you can always wear a camera vest while shooting and leave the bag stowed.

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