Review of New interface

New image page of DT has a more professional design even it has a bit colder look when compared with the previous version.

The comment sending and admin reporting text fields are much better and functional as well as they do not have a pop up problem as they had before.

What I enjoyed most is sharing abilities with a single button stroke especially for Facebook and Twitter sites. This is really great.

With 1600 x 900 pixel resolution the most right part of the page seems a bit hidden behind the edge of the screen For instance, half of the the last letter of "Click for comp image" ( is surely "e" ) is invisible. Same is valid for the "referral program" , "m" is a bit hidden at the edge of the screen. Maybe it can be corrected by decreasing the width of the table a bit.

Keyword section is quite wide and could be more compact for a quick reading also.

A good idea , "More similar stock images" is just under the main image. But it might be quite confusing for the potential buyers.

For an easier copy - paste I would rather to have the image ID right behind the thumbnail. Not in Stock Photo info ,which is barely visible.

My conclusion , it would be great when More similar stock images

and keywords should be replaced like old version.

Thanks for reading

Serdar Tibet

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.


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July 16, 2010


it's very good!

July 16, 2010


Click on any image, and choose tools tab. Check the middle of the page at the right side "Use image in.................." ( referral program )

I think DT has the best software but I did not enjoy this layout.

Sorry !

July 13, 2010


Kbkgraphx you made a point about preselected size! I hate preselected things, sometimes with no intention people might fall in a mistake! Cheers!

July 12, 2010


And technically, shouldn't DT have run it by all of us first, and then say after about 150 hours we would have approved or rejected it? OK, lol, I'll stop now, before I lose my exclusivity status or get banned or both. Luv ya, DT!

July 12, 2010


I dunno, hate to say it, but I'm not a big fan. Aesthetically it just seems too plain, not the "minimalist" look I think they were after, but more like "blah".

And functionality wise, the pre-selected "medium" size might confuse some buyers. And the "Buy Now" button might seem a little to e-commerce-ish as opposed to the former "Download ..." buttons next to each level which I think put less focus on the money buyers were "losing" and more on the image they were "gaining".

But, hey, overall I am glad DT doesn't look like all of those other cookie-cutter stock sites. It has its own unique graphical flavor and community feel which is real nice! As long as the sales keep coming they can redesign to their hearts content, lol.

July 12, 2010


The new interface is very professional looking and I like it very much! Great job by the DT staff!

July 10, 2010


I like the new interface! It´s a great change! :)

July 09, 2010


I like it but it took me few seconds to find the "Click for comp image" :)))
I think it should be close to the image! Anyway it's a matter of getting used to it!
Very strong point! DT are always improving their service that won't make their members get bored :))

July 09, 2010


waaaay bette :)

July 09, 2010


I agree the new interface looks better, and I guess we just have to learn the new changes.

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