A Revolutionary Camera

Digital Photography is about to transform itself very very soon. This new camera or rather the technology is going to change all that we think about focusing and composition.


Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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My dear friends and well-wishers. I was never a good student in school but a good student of life. I really dont understand the technicalities of photography like you all do. e.g. last time I heard or read of focal plane was almost 20 years ago in school.

But thanks for the revision. I am here to make money outta the best technology available today!!! And yes I do miss the good ol' world of old cameras like I mentioned in my earlier post :)


Aha..... the noise of the shutter and film movement in the old cameras.....so addictive and so true.


Nikhil, to me, the only advancement i want to see is a digital camera that can do what my old Rolleiflex could do . viz, the ability to move the focal plane with bellows like the view camera using the Schemplug principle. This allows you to not only correct perspective , it gives you super depth of field, not to mention the incredible quality of the medium format size (21/4)
Till this day, I don't see anything in the digital world like that, at least not something affordable.
We 're really a long way off in digital photography that has not matched what we had with the view camera or medium format.
It was affordable in those days..even during the late 80's early 90s, then as a beginner I still remember after graduating to freelance in photography, I could still afford all those equipment.
I cannot say the same with digital, other than it saves me money instead of using polaroids and i can shoot without worry about getting broke. also, digital allows me to deliver the shots to clients who always wanted the shots yesterday.
But still, we're not even anywhere in digital photography at all.


there will be a time, when we point our finger and wink our eyes to take pictures!!!!!! storage will not be a problem, our brain have lots of TBs memory space. just my thoughts.


I should start to save some $ now ;) and put my $100 gain of the assignment in the saving account ;) from now to buy this dream camera!


@Tan510jomast We miss a lot of simplicity in life and also craftsmanship. Kodakchrome was a part of that life. To recreate it we will need to get kodak formalae at home now to create the magic again ! Not to mention the noise of the shutter and film movement in the old cameras. That was the most addictive part :)


Would be nice :)


This is great, thanks for sharing.


sounds wonderful, as in WONDER. like many new invention, it will not be usable professionally for a while until the glitches are found and smooth out. as one comment on that site mentioned, it will be cumbersome in size as i imagine it will be like recording it digitally as RAW in various points of focus, or like you shooting and bracketing. combinations and variations
= a large file.
Furthermore, we will still need to see what other surprises this new technology creates much like digital photography has fringe, CA, noise,etc
Kodachrome did not create ugly banding in sky like digital photography,
and i am sure many photographers who were of the film media would attest , digital is still not the new Kodachrome.
Neither is this revolutionary camera. Could end up being the Betamax of photography. We'll have to wait and see before bringing out the champagne.

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