RF for all over the world and Universe

In one of our Czech magazines, a professional photograph talked about contracts he had to sign during his career. We are used to the one of Dreamstime, and so it might look almost fantastic to us what can be written in a contract.

In one of the contracts, mentioned by the photographer, was written that all the photos bought by the client can be used and spread all over the world and Universe. The photographer couldn

I wonder if it is normal or if the lawyer preparing the contract has been a big fan of Star Wars.

As well as I am curious when the human race will live also in other planets, if photography of nowadays kind will still exist or it will be totally another kind of photographing.

Photo credits: Spectral-design, Starblue.

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September 10, 2007


that is great idea... FTP at the speed of light for DT in all the planets :-) Can you imagine DT on Mars :-)

September 10, 2007


FTP at the speed of light may be useful for us DT earthlings at present :)

September 10, 2007


I have the same opinion that the visual art will be more interactive and 3D, but who knows maybe people will be as sentimental as they will like to keep photography in this way like memory for older time :-)

September 10, 2007


I have these dreams from time to time (well, ever since watching Minority Report), that photography as we know it will slip to the back burner. People will want images that move, talk, and are so realistic that we can reach out and almost touch them. People will want interactive holograms for their advertisements, etc. Do I foresee still art on the walls in the future? Probably. But I wonder if in our lifetime, photographers will need to make a leap in the Information Technology world to learn much more about computer programming just to make a buck.

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