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After about a year on Dreamtime (on and off) I think I am finally coming to grips what is an eligable photo. I do have a concern with a few photos I have taken in the past that have buildings in them. It comes down to 'Is it recognisable?' and 'Should it really be an Editorial image?. The photo is of a quality where it is accepted but I just want to move category. Is it possible with out deleting and resubmittinng? Two examples are:rn

Geometric Windows


Actors House in Copenhagen


Thanks if you have any help or advice.

Photo credits: Dale Shelton.
Dale Shelton
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  • Dash76
  • Valby, Denmark
I am a hobby photographer with two young boys and a demanding full-time job so I don't get much time behind camera as I like. I do get to travel with my job though so I have an interest in photographing the things I see on the way, but more colours and shapes than people. Things may change though.....

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January 30, 2012

Contact support, they will definitly help you.


January 29, 2012

Yes list your online files then choose the one you want to correct after which press submit and correction should update. Changing category is a different matter and I dont know..... but it should never be necessary. David.