Rhythmic gymnastics for children. Is it healthy or not?

Rhythmic gymnastics for children.

Some parents dream to see their children in good and graceful gait. Even some parents making decision to make their children become a gymnastic sportsmen for making their gait and foot be stronger in right leg position during they are little and may have body changes.

But many people claims that it is not healthy for little children and it just making them to get some sickness with spine, back, legs and head.

I've already had some conversation with expert for making my own and RIGHT position and now I can give an answer for many readers and parents who cannot decide Whether it worth or not.

So, experts say that there are really some danger for children health. But like everywhere we should know some rules for making everything my comfortable, easy and safe for us! Rhythmic gymnastics not an exception! Children who are under 6 year old cannot be a professional Rhythmic gymnastics sportsmen.Because their body is too unformed and every false move can be a serious danger for health. So little children under 6 year CAN training Rhythmic gymnastic but not in professional way and every day! They can start preparing for serious trainings after 6 and will have a big potential to become a great Rhythmic gymnastic sportsmen! After 6 year, human body is rising and changing all the time for sure! But spine is already have some basic foundation and little injury wouldn't damage. So if we know right information it means that we're armed with knowledges.

With this good information I was inspired to make a great photo shoot of great and talented sportsmen in Rhythmic gymnastic. She has a great pas de deux and her moves are gorgeous!

So you can see some more photos in my portfolio! Please visit it and feel free to look my portfolio.

Have a good day and enjoy :)

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January 26, 2015


I'm glad that you like my article and photos!)))
who knows....maybe he's a great future runner star )))

January 25, 2015


Thanks for the info accompanied by your beautiful pictures! I have a child of two and a half years, and every time I go to run he would like to come with me ... will become a great runner ^ _ ^ Obviously joke!!!

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