Riding the rails...

Ever since I was young I can remember the trains rolling through the end of my grandparents yard, blowing their whistle and in my mind....it sounded so loud I believe that my world was melting away with each trip. thunderous drones vibrate the every molecule in me. i would hide in the basement when hearing these engines coming from afar hoping it would deaden the drones. but no luck.

today the trains don't come as much as they used to. I miss that. back then there would be two, three, four engines pulling boxcar loads of things people need. today this doesn't happen.

I like trains. they have helped shaped the person I am. The engined roar forged my love of drone music. I miss the days when they would pass four/five times a day. I will be taking more photos where I go. I will post these here for others to use...

Photo credits: Israeltunis.

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August 31, 2007


i hope to go someday. my father has been several times. but I hope to make the journey myself, along with a couple of cameras!!

August 31, 2007


Come to India if you still wanna see those old type diesel engines.

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