Right season to shoot the scenery with low speed

On March this year I had an idea to travel around Erhai, which is located in Dali Yunnan China.It was a sunny day. The skywas blue and the airwas fresh. I leased a car and drove with my wife. We were so happy because that was what we wanted. It was noon time when we stopped at the small restaurant near the lake. I found there is a curvebeside the restaurant and the yellow flowers along the road. The brown mountain is in distance. I thought it was a good place to shoot. I needed a little bit high place because I wanted to take the dark blue lake in my picture. I climbed up to a big stone and set the triple well. I must remind to you that you need to take care of yourself and ensure safety to avoiding falling down.firstly I shoot a picture with road, flowers, mountain and lake.

Lake with flowers and mountain

It was really nice but I thought I needed to put a moving car into to the photo. It was noon time the sunshine is strong but I need low speed to shoot. So I put the ND8 filter on the len to slow down the shutter speed. I also set the ISO to 50 and the aperture to 16 to get the speed to 1/20. Ok it was done, just waited for the car passing by me then pressed button.

Lake with flowers and mountain

Photo credits: Zhong Zhiling.

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May 15, 2018


Nice images, thanks for sharing.

May 09, 2018


Nice :-)

May 02, 2018



April 29, 2018


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April 29, 2018


beautiful lake view! :) Nice car motion blur. Nice portfolio. Keep it up!

April 27, 2018


Taking something different that is not just what you see can make the photos attractive.

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