Is this the right way?

Hi, I'm trying to improve my portfolio with images that are related to the next event like Halloween

or Christmas ...

but is really the right way??

I don't know..probably is a way to go, but not the only one.I see that there are a lot of excellent artist who have a "style".. I use to make different drawing or illustration depending by the buyer, also the style change...

I'm not so sure thet it must be a good choice..but I'm so curious thet is impossible for me stop me on a kind of style, or stop me on the illustration...I'm so HAPPY that I've sold also a photo

here (thanks to Glinn for insert the photo in his wonderfull Blue skies, objects with copy space

Anyway, dear...Have a nice day!

Photo credits: Dabobabo.

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October 04, 2007


Thanks Zweig17..I hope that also this year we can sell our wonderfull illustration..and hope to sell also the awesome;)...bye

October 03, 2007


Hi Dabobabo!
What I can tell you is that in last Christmas I've produced some illustrations on this theme and I've sold it very well... so at this year I'm working on new drawings to put into Dreamstime.

I hope I can sell more than last year!

Best regards!
Marcio Goldzweig

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