Rise Festival, London

© Fcarucci ( Help)
I love music festivals; people, music, fun. I took my small A200 with a very compact 50mm prime lens and went out shooting in the crowd. I saw some pro photographers, with huge cameras and huge lenses hanging around with a press pass where I could not get access, so I tried to take some "different" shots and, more, enjoy the music and the people. I think it worked! This shot made its way to the news section of DT. It was actually taken with a 16-80 zoom: changing lens in the middle of a crowd is... well... mad.

© Fcarucci ( Help)
I managed to get somehow closer to one of the bands and could pull off a shot that I quite like of Yaaba Funk playing: I like this shot cause it came out sharp even if I was dancing! Who said the sensor stabilser doesn't work?

And what about a father playing on stage with his boy? It was that cute.

Overall I had a great day and shooting only added to the fun.

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Photo credits: Francesco Carucci.