Risk factor ...... Way over 100%

All I can say was ...... HOLY MOLEY, that was a close one!

Actually what I said was," HOLY $&@#%#! This is crazy fun!

But only after 8 exposures, BAM! The largest lightning bolt I ever came face to face with, struck the Chicago skyline, right in front of me! It was one of the most scariest moments of my life while taking photos. But I knew I was able to captue it, the "once in a lifetime" shot! I raced back into the car and that's when the hail started coming down. In certain parts of the city, baseball sized hail shattered many car windshields. Luckily, I was spared.

The lessons from this experience are:

(if you know the timeframe is small)

1. Be prepared mentally prior to arriving on location.

2. Have your camera settings preset for the stituation.

3. Have the legs of the tripod already fully extended and locked.

4. Attach camera on tripod securely.

So when I got out there, all I had to do was grab the camera, umbrella, and had the focus ring on infinity, and started clicking away.

Photo credits: Cafebeanz Company.

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Thank you, Francesca.


Great shot, congratulations!!! Bye, Francesca


Thanks to everyone for these great comments! @Southernstar71, and maybe some thigh high goloshes and a hazmat suite! Hee,hee !


"HOLY MOLEY" that is a great shot~congratulations on the fine capture!


Great Job! And I loved the vicarious adrenaline rush I got from reading this post! Exciting! Hope you sell lots of downloads on this one :)




In those situations, there's one more thing you need: a wireless remote control. Just in case lightning was to hit the camera, you don't want to be connected to it!

Great shot, by the way.


Great shot! I hope it sells well for you. Nice portfolio!


Thanks everyone for the kind words. It's very humbling to receive so many comments.


Incredible photo!!! Hope it gets the many sales it deserves.

Best wishes


Wow, this is an amazing photo. Congratulations.


Great image!!!


Amazing image, good work!


It is an amazing photo!!!!!!


Thanks for the kind comments. @Karen , took a peek at your pictures, I like what I see. :) @tamera , I saw your collection also, wow! @Linda, I really enjoyed your outdoor photos.


What an awesome shot! I second Elianehaykal's comment - submit it for the city assignment! What a great feeling, yeah?


Truly fantastic image, great timing!


Thanks everyone for the the great comments!


cool! I love lightning and even got struck one time but wasn't able to take a photo.


Wow! Looks very scary...


You definitely should enter it in DT's assignment :) If you want to, you have to upload it again and when it gets accepted, disable it from the regular uploads.


Great image!

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