The risk to get stolen the camera - what to do?

Dear members,

a lot of dreamstime members have very expensive cameras and the risk, that the e.g. Canon bag with camera will be cutted by someone is also high in some areas. My camera was not very expensive ca. 160 eur / ca. 220 dollars, but I am only using a normal bum bag / fanny pack for my Fujifilm camera. Of course some people will be proud, to wear a bag with a Nikon or Canon logo and feel better with it, but they also give attention to possible thiefs. And it is really hard to loose a camera for 700 or more dollars. People have the possibility to be good and bad, this carries everyone in itself. And some people cannot make a difference between mine and yours. It is sad, but I would never buy a bum bag for the camera with logo of this camera. Dangerously are a lot of touristic places. In every city are also some people, which sometimes are having an eye on tourists. My opinion is, that it is better to use a normal bum bag without logo. For the tripod I am using a backpack. I do not want that someone is always seeing that I have a camera equipment. Of course if I am shooting with the camera and I am using the tripod is also a risk, but noone will never have 100 percent security. But I think a normal bum bag will it make saver to be on the road with camera equipment. Good shots I am wishing!



Photo credits: Martina Ledermann.

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February 04, 2010


Good one, now I wonder why stranger used to stare at me. First thing i'm gonna remove the logo from the bag. Cant afford invite attentions from stranger, yeah there are many in every part of the world. But carrying tripod has dual advantage, we can use it to protect ourselves :-))

February 03, 2010


Thank you. I am going on a trip in a week and although I will travel with all my gear on the plane in a Canon bag, I will bring another unmarked bag for day trips. May your sales triple for caring enough to share your thoughts.

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