Well, I guess as long as I am starting a blog I might as well add a bit of historic background about yours truly. Yours truly had a prior career before going to school in New York City to study what photography was really about, lighting and composition. I was a successful businessman for the first 21 years of my adulthood after college at The George Washington Univesity in Washington, D.C. I was in my early forties involved in a business I had not enjoyed for many years and decided that if I did not make a change at that stage then i would wake up at sixty wondering where the challenge and enjoyment of career had gone and where the past 20 years had gone.

The reknowned International Center of Photography in NYC was where I learned the basics of studio lighting, light modifiers, type and quality of light and more. After a year at ICP I became probably the oldest photographer's assistant other than one of my assistants but I did not mind and I learned from a number of skilled and seasoned pros shooting corporate, architectural, product and weddings and other events. Little by little, my own gigs started happening via recommendations or word of mouth and now I am a quite busy pro shooting everything from musicals (just shot "Tommy" by the Who last week), corporate, portraits, food and much travel. Now I am lucky to combine my love of adventure travel with business and this keeps me on the international adventure trail for a quite a few months of the year. In fact, as I write this entry I am on a small Caribbean island that is part of the country of Nicaragua. I like to go to countries/islands that are developing and are as yet undiscovered but are starting to get some press. This is along with worldwide favs such as the Greek Islands (been going there almost yearly for 16 summers), Italy, Mexico, Prague and more.

Well, there you have my entry from Corn Island, Nicaragua.

Photo credits: Robert Lerich.

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