On the road again: Colombia

After spending a month and a half learning Spanish, I've decided its time to get moving again. In addition to a lot of Spanish classes I've concentrated on re-designing my website - it now has maps and new clickable pop-up galleries of images (including those that don't make it onto Dreamstime!), so should be much easier to navigate. I'd appreciate feedback on the new design and layout is welcome!

Cartagena... described as "a fairytale city of romance, legends and sheer beauty..." was my first stop on the South American continent. It was a pretty decent introduction to Colombia, even if the guidebook was overselling it a bit. It is also a great place for photography with lots of bright color, plenty of colonial architecture and a distinctly Caribbean feel to it. For the full story and photo, have a look at my Cartagena page!

Medellin ... is perhaps most famous internationally as being the former home of Colombia's most notorious drug dealer, Pablo Escobar. For those more familiar with Colombia, Medellin is also known for its seemingly endless supply of beautiful women, many of whom have an affinity with disproportionately sized silicone breast implants. For the full story and photos, have a look at my Medellin page!

On the road again

The last few months really haven't been prolific in terms of photography, but I have a full schedule of travel planned for the next month, so that should all change. In the next few weeks I'll be going up through the Colombian highlands, and into Ecuador. Even though most people seem to make the arduous bus trip from Quito to Cali (22hours) in one trip, I'll be taking about 2 weeks for the same stretch, stopping at Cali, Popayan, Ipailes, Ibarra and Octavalo before Quito!

Photo credits: Holger Mette.

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Hmm... seems that blogs are the target of spam now...strange.. anyone know if its possible to delete comments from blogs?


Looks like a great trip! Nice images!


Holg, thank you for anwering my question. Although I read a lot of (positive) reviews I like to hear from someone who uses the E-30.
I think I will follow your advise and go for a better lense because I really do like my E510. Thanks again and I am looking forward to your new photo's.


Thanks for all the nice comments! I'd love to come to Portugal, but its probably not going to happen for at least a year!

Antoinette - I've used the E500, E510 and E420 in the past, so my photos are a mix of all 3 cameras. The differences in noise from the E510 to the newer cameras at higher ISO isn't really that big. The difference between usable shots is often exposure - don't under-expose! ISO 800 on the E510 is often very usable - for example: [imgl]https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photos-tarsier-tarsius-syrichta-image3285108[/imgl] The big improvement on the E30 is in handling highlights, AF speed and accuracy etc. But, many of the benefits are really only seen with better lenses. If I were you, I'd upgrade lenses before getting a new body and stick with the E510 until the next generation of sensors - looking at samples from the EP-1 there seems to be a big IQ jump coming. In particular the 12-60mm is a fantastic lens - you will notice that it focuses faster, has better color rendition and is wider than the 14-42 you now have.


Your website looks wonderful and I love your photo's. Do you take them mostly with the E-30? I have the E-510 and I wonder if the E-30 would be a good upgrade when I speak about noise.
Have a nice stay in Colombia.


Hahh, what great photos!


Very nice trip.


Nice blog, it's well organized & easy navigation, I liked the detailed description of using the toilets LOL
Have a nice trip ;)
You can count on me if you want to come to Portugal.


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