The road to 1000 from 538 - a personal goal

This month I'm setting myself the big goal of reaching 1000 images by the start of next month. Right now, I have 538.

My goal is to build, submit, and have approved at least 462 new vector illustrations.

I've started out by setting up an artboard in Illustrator with over 50 blank boxes. My plan is to create 50 base illustrations and then create 10 images inspired by (using) each base image.

So far I have 10 base images. It's a way to go yet, but I think it's worth it.

I wish everyone here at Dreamstime fortune in all their big goals too!

-The image shown is from Tombaky's gallery. It just really makes me feel motivated.-

Photo credits: Tombaky.

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Wonderful idea. I've been working in batches of five. I pick a general topic and then design 5 illustrations. Bumping it up to 10 maybe a possibility.

I wish you luck on achieving your goal.


Woow, great goal! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!


Good determination, Good luck :)


Hope you make it - you have a plan and a goal. Only hard work lies in between :) I wish I could get 10 images online based on a single photo!


hey, great goal! Good luck with it! It's well within your reach!

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