#Roaring25, a trip down memory lane

It seems like yesterday to us that moment, 10 years ago, when Dreamstime, in its current form, was born. Transitioning to microstock can be hard, but when you start with a team of people who are young, innovative and willing, things will take shape pretty fast.

Before you know it, photographs started pouring in and people started dreaming with us. Our site grew, our team grew with it and the number of images online outgrew even our wildest expectations.

Milestones are something to be celebrated and awarded with a small gift. Recently we took a trip down the memory lane and we wanted to share with you some of these special moments.

Like the time when we reached our 50,000th image, we were so happy we couldn't stop smiling, pretty much like the people in the image itself.

Then, in 2005, Christmas came early when Santa lost his hat on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. We were at 200,000 at this point and we couldn't have gotten a better present.

The summer of '06 was sweltering, good thing there was a bit of torrential warm rain from time to time to cool us down. We were definitely on a winning streak back then constantly going upwards, and this was our 460,000th image.

It was 2007 when the millionth image came, some of us had started playing golf just about then, we felt we could afford ourselves a bit of time off after all this hard work (we didn't really play golf but it makes for a nice story, doesn't it?).

At this point we started growing even faster so the next milestones were all 100,000 milestones. The times when we counted growth in tens of thousands was over. So we had a karaoke party at the office on the 4th million, some of our editors are pretty awesome with the microphone.

After the 5th million, our database was increasing at an exponential rate. This is the time when milestones started happening every million. And these days the number of images that editors get to look at every month is in the region of one million. Pretty impressive if we look back at the beginning of our story.

The 25th million milestone happened to be retro, giving us even more reasons to take this trip with you in the beautiful image history that has become, over the years, the agency you have come to love today as Dreamstime.

We've prepared this moment for quite some time now and we've brainstormed some ideas for a special contest - #Roaring25 - in which, as usual, we're challenging your creativity. And that prize - it's really something that makes you roar.

You've already seen that we're covering a wide range of subjects in our library. For this contest, we've tried to make a combo of creativity and diversity offering you 10 different themes to upload your images to, gain points and take our $6,100 prize. They may seem simple to be covered, but you really must stand out and offer us a new perspective on selfie, food, party, traveling, competition, business etc. See all of them here and you can also see the mechanism of our contest - what to do, how to do to be eligible for our prize.

To ease your effort, we've launched our Dreamstime Companion mobile app to submit faster and easier. If you don't have it yet, you can download it for your device here:


Google Play

You still have time to submit to our contest, October 7 is the last day, but don't leave everything to the last moment.

Celebrate with us!

(co-written with Ioana Grecu)

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October 09, 2014


Just like you say, I like to do something at here too and I can do something now. Thank you! Thanks DT. Thanks for your story and sharing!

September 19, 2014


Nice story, i love the atmosphere you DS guys made (that's why i am exclusively on Dreamstime), and this post is the perfect synthesis. Dunno if i will have a "future" here, but i just want to say a big THANKS. Congratulations Dreamstime.

September 10, 2014


Thanks for sharing!

September 09, 2014


Congratulations Dreamstime and thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazing community : )

September 08, 2014


Nice story! Thanks for sharing!

September 07, 2014


Congratulations Dreamstime!

September 05, 2014


Congratulations Dreamstime, Looking forward to what will happen when we hit the 50th million!

September 04, 2014


That´s a fantastic story Ioana, I am glad to be part of it, even if just a tiny little piece, but every story is made of small chapters...
Congrats Dreamstime!
Let the 50 million come!

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