The Robin Chronicles...

So I just blogged about being able to timeline the whole robin hatching thing. And here's my forehead slapping moment: I forgot my camera today. Today, of all days. I had planned on getting a macro shot of the babies with their mouths open. Easy shot, yeah it's been done a lot but I wanted it more for my own personal use as opposed to posting it anywhere. I loaded up the kiddos. Grabbed my purse. Grabbed the diaper bag. Grabbed the stack of bills I had to drop in the mail. Did I grab my camera bag?????



Why so down? Because as we were checking things out my oldest daughter was priviledged to a treat: the babies leaving the nest for the first time. Which was what I really wanted to capture in still photographs because after they take that first leap, forget about getting a decent shot. Those things can hop like nobody's business. So at 3 1/2 weeks of age, our babies : Pinky, Stinky, Winky, and Blinky have officially fledged. And we're a little sad. But happy they all four made it thus far.

Below I thought I'd share with you all the few photos we have from our little journey, these were the ones that made the cut here on DT.

Photo credits: Bri Williamson.

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A very nice story! And great pics!!!


I know how you feel. We had a cardinal bird nest in our bushes. I photographed the nest and birds with open mouths, then they all disappeared. We had to presume that a predator got them.


Thank you all!!


Great pictures and story! Sorry you forgot your camera! Good luck for the future!


Lovely pictures and story!


Thanks guys! :)


nice pics


Beautiful capture!

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