Romance amongst the macaroons - Dreamstime

© Mik122

A friends shop was failing. Stuck out of town and making luxury layers of cake her talents were not being seen. Then we had the idea to jazz up her shop window. Out came the coffee machine and in went exquisite sweeties.

We are what we sell (she has all the contrasts of a macaroon!). It's great when people see us at our best after all it's what we deserve to look like! This is where I applaud the images on dreamstime that gleam and brighten with sharp, sparkling contrasts. Shining images reach out and activate a way forward for a campaign be it on a poster or flyer.

My tip is, choose colour, choose life, choose a tray of macaroons in your shop window, be it virtual or real!

© Rixie

Photo credits: Mikhail Kokhanchikov, Rixie.

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May 07, 2014


Very sensible................. if you are not doing well raise your game !

May 06, 2014


Agreed. I do wedding photography part time and my web site has the normal wedding images and looked dull. I started going through some of the weddings we did and started using a lot of candid(non posed) and really colorful images and started getting noticed more. Put the color and difference on display and see what happens

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