Romancing the Camera

I often wander about with my camera...

even on the coldest of winter days and nights.

Whilst some enjoy a cold, winters evening in their home,

sitting on the couch, huddled under warm blankets and enjoying the TV,

I might be outdoors in -30 degree weather doing one of those Australian 'walkabouts'.

A frigid one mind you, but thankfully, devoid of kangaroos and people-eating creatures.

Crazy you might say, sure.

I know my wife would certainly agree with you.

This past New Years eve was one of those nights.

With nothing really planned and the blessings of my wife, I wandered.

And in my wandering ended up in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada hoping to get some interesting

shots of the 'New Years Eve Capital Countdown to 2014'.

Man it was cold. Brutally cold.

But I braved the cold and being a former cub/scout leader was well prepared.

To keep me warm...Two pairs of socks, snowpants, sweater, winter jacket, mitts, hat,

chemical hand warmers, foot warmers, winter boots and the heat from a burning desire to make pictures...

to romance the camera.

I was snug as a bug in a rug. Seriously.

I spent hours walking, getting photos of Ottawa, folks out and about, firetrucks in the snow and more.

Eventually, I ended up on Parliament Hill and decided to take some night shots of the clock tower.

Not that I don't have enough of those already. I just can't help myself.

With tripod extended, I set my camera and began shooting when I noticed something in my viewfinder...

A young man and a woman had walked directly into my shot about 50 feet ahead!!!

Didn't they see me?

Didn't they know what I was doing?

Didn't they know I got all dressed up warm and stuff just to be here!

The nerve of them, to just clutter up my shot like that!

Without any regard to my activities!

What the heck were they thinking?


Then, it got stranger.

While patiently waiting for them to clear the man turned the woman to face him and got down on one knee.

"OMG. Is what's happening what I think is happening?", I thought to myself in a thinking to myself kinda way.

Before my very eyes, on my viewfinder...Romance in the camera.

Sadly, being a night shot, I didn't have any fill flash ready to nab the shot.

Just silhouettes against the Christmas lit buildings.

Missed it, darn....But I couldn't resist.

I waited until their moment eclipsed...

Waited until their words quieted. Until the ring slid on her finger.

Until the hugs followed by some very, very long kisses finished.

(Kisses so long, I wanted to call my wife and ask her what she was wearing btw)

And until, using my gloves, I dried my tear from my eye as I thought back to an

engagement over thirty years ago for my wife and I.

And when they finally walked in my direction, I approached them.

Yes, I was right.

My incredible, genius-like ability to figure situations proved correct.

They had just become engaged on this very last evening of 2013, before the Christmas

lit Ottawa parliament buildings, before me.

It wasn't long before they were posing in front of my camera, with man on knee and woman smiling.

Flash-filled and with a spectacular Christmas lit background, they made some great photos.

Sadly, they didn't want the photos public but I offered them the photos anyway.

There's no way I could deny them a photo of such a special moment.

Besides, I enjoyed meeting them and making the photos anyway.

It was a special moment for all of us.

Engagement for them, reflection for me.

So I guess it's not always about microstock.

Sometimes it's just about shooting because you want to.

Now that's romancing the camera.

Photo credits: George Kroll.

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