Romania, a place you must visit

Have you ever been to Romania!!!!

If not, have a little brake, type romania in the search engine and take the time necesary to watch some shoots from one of the most beautiful country on earth, sorry my mistake, from universe!!!

Did you know that we are over 400 photographers from Romania on DT, and some of us have very large collection of images.

Our country have everything from beautiful mountains to sea, from green fields to deep forest, from beautiful castle to little cottages hidden in forests!!!!

2000 years of history and tradition in just one name ROMANIA!!!!

So pack your camera, some t-shirts, and come as fast as you can, YOU DONT WANT TO BE THE LAST who arrive!!!!!

Photo credits: Colicaranica, Leo Bruce Hempell, Brandus Dan Lucian, Pavalache Stelian, Valentin Bartolomeu.

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Well Romania is one of the place where I want to spend my summer days...

Mr.Rod Bolts


Beautiful. Thanks for the story!


Yes Maigi, you guessed it. Early morning, the new sun burning off the mountain mist. I passed this scene every day for 8 months going to work. I finally had a chance to borrow the company truck and bring my Horseman 67 and tripod to the site early one Sunday morning. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, but this is one my favourite shots. I wish I had had time to shoot more of Romania, maybe another trip.


Oh, and Sorinus - thank you very much for your invitation! Maybe some day I'll go to explore those beautiful mountains in your country. We ain't have any here... ;)


It's a very beautiful photo, Bruce. What time of the day you took it? Was it early in the morning?


Thanks Tanjie, for putting up my photo of the Olt Gorge. I took this with a Busch Pressman on sheet film, just north of Ramnicu Valcea, a short distance from a roadside BBQ sausage stand.

I spent the summer of '97 working here along the Olt river on a string of Renel power dams. I and my my crew were all through these mountains, putting equipment on top of the them. It was a real test for our 4x4 truck, and our legs. but very beautiful. Incidentally, there was a lodge on top of Cozia for overnight tourists who climb up. . . just a place for a sleeping bag.

Yes, the country was poor after all those years of occupation by the Russians, but the people we met were wonderful and generous. Everywhere you can see the signs of past prosperity, and it will come again.

And thanks Popa for the opportunity to make my comments. I can't wait to get back there . . .


It's beautiful all right. We just do not know how to value and advertise it. But then again, all countries have their charms. I can assure you the if you look at leobruce's photo, well, the whole valley is that spectacular....and to see Olt valley in autumn, God, it's a colourful explosion. Absolutely superb!


well my last visit was in '99 and i saw a big industrial country with poor people. the nature is beautiful though, almost the same like bulgarian


Romania horrible? Ivan, do you want to elaborate on that? You just want the tourists in your country instead...:-)


It is in my plans to visit Romania, and I very I'd like to, but I don't know when that will be.


Hmm.. last time i visited Romania it was horrible, i hope it's better now:)


I hope to visit one day!

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